BULATS results are available immediately and candidates receive an analytical profile of their language skills, which is easily understood.  The test assesses candidates across the six levels of the ALTE Framework, i.e. the same test is used for all candidates irrelevent of their level. (0-5 of the ALTE Framework corresponds to the Council of Europe Framework levels A1-C2.)



 All candidates receive an analytical profile of results which includes:

 ·          Candidate’s overall score

 ·          A score for each section of the test (Listening, Reading and Grammar/Vocabulary)

 ·          A description of what a candidate with a certain language level is normally capable of doing (“Can Do” statements).

ALTE Levels  

Council of Europe (CEF) Levels  BULATS scores  

Level Description

Cambridge ESOL examinations at these levels 
Level 5 C2 90 – 100  Upper Advanced CPE
Level 4 C1 75 – 89  Advanced CAE, BEC Higher
Level 3 B2 60 – 74  Upper
FCE, BEC Vantage
Level 2 B1 40 – 59 Intermediate PET, BEC Preliminary
Level 1 A2 20 – 39 Elementary KET
Level 0 A1 0 - 19 Beginner -


BULATS is the only system in the world that can provide this single system in such a reliable and practical way.

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