BULATS Activities

Between now and your test, you’ll be able to practice  with 9 activities which will help you get ready for the BULATS test. We’ll look at the different task types in the test, and give you tips about how to prepare for them.

You can the activites use on your computer to learn English. Try to set aside some time to practise learning in this way.

There will be lots of new vocabulary and activities, so you should get ready to start recording these new words. We’ll also be introducing you to Quizlet, which can help you learn this vocabulary.

You can also use a website called Quizlet to help you learn more about describing numerical information. Quizlet is a handy tool which helps you to memorise key words or phrases.

You can use it on your computer, or better still, you can download the Quizlet app to your smartphone or mobile device.

Go to Quizlet

Activity 1 Listening question

Activity 2 Reading and Language Knowledge
Activity 3 Multiple-choice questions
Activity 4 Multiple-choice gap-fill
Activity 5 Listening questions based on short phrases
Activity 6 Reading long texts
Activity 7 Synonyms
Activity 8 Open gap-fill exercise
Activity 9 Longer Listening exercise

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