Practice test


To better prepare for the test, two practice tests are available, to cover the Reading and Listening parts.


The reading part contains a range of questions up to C2 level and reflects closely the type of questions candidates will meet in the computer based version of the test. Remember that the computer based BULATS is adaptive and candidates will be given questions which match their level (e.g. when the system determines their level is C1, they will continue to receive questions at this level until they have demonstrated consistent ability at this level. If they can go beyond this level they will also have the opportunity to do this and if they reach C2 they will receive a C2 level certificate etc). As is evident from the test, the types of questions relate to everyday communication English and do not require any specific preparation for BULATS.  BULATS is deemed extremely accessible for most candidates, irrespective of the course they are currently on. 


The listening section contains a range of questions up to C2 level and candidates can listen to each part twice. The BULATS computer based listening test is also adaptive and again selects questions according to the highest ability demostrated by each candidate.

             practice test          



practice test 2

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